Workshop: “Professione INSPIRE- la proposta formativa di LINKVIT”

LINKVIT modules 2

The first LINKVIT national workshop was organised on 14th October 2014 in Firenze at the premises of the ASITA Conference to profit the opportunity to reach more than 900 national stakeholders. It gathered about 40 attendants and has been followed by online training actions addressed to invited representatives from P.A.s and target companies, particularly SMEs, to test the Training Framework for professionals and/or employed people.

Trainees included candidate tutors who could in a future promote same training actions at their home institutions or at local level.

The workshop illustrated the project itself, the e-learning platform and the jobs profiles; it produced a brief description of modules available on the platform and gave an example of module on data transformation process.
During the workshop has been distributed a questionnaire to evaluate the quality of offered services and to tune the project results; the main outcomes are quite good and has identified the importance of organise other initiatives in presence or remotely to show the contents of modules offered by LINKVIT more in details.