WP3 Adaptation of contents and infrastructure

The aim of this work package is to put into practice the actions and guidelines defined in the “Learning Material and Infrastructure Adaptation Plan”, to concretely realise and make working the LINKVIT Training Framework, constituted by:

- The LINKVIT Training Package, describing the training offer, throughout different Learning Paths and related structure, organised in different levels of training: A) Context Knowledge for INSPIRE; B) advanced technical modules; C) Modules addressed to the

stakeholders of Nature Conservation; D) Module addressed to the stakeholders of Geology and Civil Protection and E) Technological trends and innovative solutions:

- The Training material organised in modules, as indicated in the LINKVIT Training Package and in section D3.3

- The Training Infrastructure that will host the training modules, based upon a network of distributed eLearning platforms let available by the project partners

This work package is organised in three tasks, respectively devoted to

- the technical specification of the Training Infrastructure, in line with the state of the art of LMS technology

- the adaptation of the “source” training modules to the purpose of LINKVIT

- the first release of the LINKVIT Training Framework for its test within WP4