WP6 Dissemination and Exploitation

This WP handles, in a comprehensive vision, the following chain of activity:

- dissemination, to ensure awareness about the project, its results and the training offer, in view of the :

- exploitation of the LINKVIT training framework for its wide use within the target groups and creating the conditions for the :

- sustainability of the initiative after the project conclusion, as a business line of activity supporting skill acquisition within public and private organisations operating in the context of INSPIRE and other related European Directives.

In more details, this WP aims to raise awareness about project opportunities and promote the application of the LINKVIT Training Framework among targeted beneficiaries in the Italian and EU context, both at public administration, entrepreneurial and academic level. The overall objective is to promote the use of the Training Framework in different contexts, both professional and Academic, supporting the transfer of knowledge to be compliant with the INSPIRE Directive.

Specific objective will be also the definition of a Master for INSPIRE and the promotion of an ‘INSPIRE Driver’s License’.

Finally, this WP aim at making a market and business analysis about opportunities to support the sustainability of the project, with its main output, the LINKVIT Training Framework after the project conclusion.